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DSLC offers a wide array of Services & Advocacy Programs for the betterment of your independence in the community. Learn more about all of our services and programs.

Photo of young family on an evening walk with young boy and father behind mother in wheelchair.

DSLC Core Services

DSLC offers an array of core services. For specific services questions please call the front desk information and referral specialist. Otherwise, core services and examples are listed below.


There are two approaches to advocacy; Individual and Systems. At DSLC, we use both methods of advocacy to empower and inform our consumers and the disability community.

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Assistive Technology (AT)

Assistive Technology is any adaptive aid used by a person with a disability to function as independently as possible both in the workplace and at home.

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Benefits Counseling / Health Systems

DSLC can counsel and assist with disability benefit options that are available through local, state and federal programs.

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Client Assistance Program (CAP)

If you encounter problems receiving services from the Department of Rehabilitation, Independent Living centers, or other programs, you may request assistance from the Client Assistance Program (CAP).

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Disability Peer Support Group

This will be re-opened and a welcoming and safe place to share, encourage each other and provide available resources for the support for everyone to participate in.

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Disaster/Emergency Preparedness

Individuals who complete the application will be assessed for disaster and emergency services, including Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events.

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Home Access Modifications (HAM)

DSLC Home Access Modification Program will install ramps, lifts, grab-bars, and other devices to provide access to your home at no cost to you.

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The DSLC's Housing Program helps disabled homeless, at-risk individuals and their families secure permanent, accessible and affordable housing.

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Transitions & Diversions

Need to support to return to community living? DSLC provides comprehensive person-centered planning, short-term service coordination, and on occasion provide needed equipment or supplies.

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Sonoma County Aging & Disability Resource Hub (ADRH)

The goal of the ADRH is that older adults and people with disabilities of any age in Sonoma County will have access to the knowledge and option to assist them to live longer, live safely and live well in the environment of their choice.

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