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DSLC Services Client Assistance Program (CAP)

If you encounter problems receiving services from the Department of Rehabilitation, Independent Living centers, or other projects, programs, or activities funded under the Rehabilitation Act, you may request assistance from the Client Assistance Program (CAP). A CAP advocate can provide you with information, including assistance with legal, administrative, or other appropriate action to ensure the protection of your rights and facilitate access to appropriate services.

Photo of a young woman in a wheelchair on the city sidewalk.

CAP advocates are not employees of the Department. They are independent advocates. If you cannot achieve resolution to concerns at the local level, CAP may help request, prepare for and/or represent you at a mediation meeting, Administrative Review or a Fair Hearing.

The CAP Program is administered by Disability Rights California (DRC). Consumers can reach their CAP advocate by calling DRC's statewide toll-free number at 800-776-5746 or 800-719-5798 TTY.